Word & Faith Christian Church
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Welcome to:
Word and Faith Christian Church.
Pastor and Founder: Dr. Johnny K. Rhoda

Services on Sunday
10:00 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Praise and Worship

Old CompassI want to welcome you to our website.  It is our pleasure to be able to present this ministry tool for your benefit.  Please contact our office at any time. We welcome your “Praise Reports” and Prayer Requests”  via email through our contact tab.

God Bless you and all your efforts.

Pastor Johnny

Our Motto Old Compass

          On the pulpit every Sunday we have an old worn Bible and an old Compass. Neither is pretty to look at but both have been a tremendous help in life. The Bible is Johnny's Dad's Bible, and has given guidance in life for generations. The Compass was often times the only way that Johnny knew which direction to travel while in Vietnam. The lesson - It’s not the outside that counts, it’s not riches or good-looks that matter. The heart is what tells all. Everyone is welcome! Join us on the web, in person, by phone, or by radio. (We are working on our radio ministry.)

Mission Statement

The purpose of our ministry is to spread the Word of God’s Love and Salvation to the world. To achieve this purpose, we will use these avenues of outreach:

  1. A local church;  for ministry, praise, and worship also establishment of other churches
  2. Media Broadcast Ministry; for those who cannot attend church and  to reach the entire world
  3. A “Relief Bank”, to provide for those in need

    We are a Christian fellowship of like minded believers in the Word of God. This fellowship is not affiliated or aligned with any denomination.